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Norfolk Lavender Fields, England.  Photo by Candace

What is Touch With Oils® ...

Established 1995

Touch With Oils® Institute centers around a philosophy and an aromatherapy technique where science and art meet as one. Holistic in nature, it is based on The Ten Principles of Touch With Oils®. The top three principles honor the power of silence, the strength of gentle, and the deep peace of the resting heartbeat rhythm. We experience essential oils as microcosms of holistic medicine.

Touch With Oils® (TWO) treatments center around the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage and the Personal Care 6-Pak. It is based on the synergistic powers of mindful touch and authentic smell, with genuine essential oil blends and mists prayerfully formulated for this work. This gentle, slow, rhythmic touch serves to balance the autonomic nervous system, promote lymphatic drainage, and give the body and mind a deep and quiet rest.

The Touch With Oils® Hand Massage was founded by Candace Newman in the early 1990’s through her Hospice and retreat work. She was trained as an Aromatherapy Massage Therapist by the late Madame Micheline Arcier of London, England, a colleague of Madame Marguerite Maury and Dr. Jean Valnet. Candace was Madame Arcier's 7th and last student in the USA. She enjoyed a wonderful relationship with her (and her daughter Marie Christine), until her passing in 2006. See Candace's Curriculum Vitae for her other teachers.

The benefits of the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage goes beyond borders and boundaries; beyond age, language, culture or conditions. This was made evident to Candace in her work from the top of the Andes with the Incans, to the deserts of Saudi Arabia with women in abayas, to Hospice with those in pain and unconsious, and to the closest of her heart ... her father with Alzheimers.

Touch With Oils® (TWO) Hand Massage is for anyone interested in learning this gentle and compassionate treatment that can be used for family, friends, clients, caregivers, volunteers, and health care of all kinds. Learn this TWO Hand Massage for personal use and for clients. It can be incorporated into any treatment modality. The Home Study is available here.

The TWO Hand Massage Instructor Certification Course with Candace is currently being revised. This is for those who would like to teach it to others.

The purpose of Touch with Oils® is to express compassion, reduce stress, relieve pain, provide a deep and quiet rest, and increase one’s health and sense of well-being. This has developed into a series of Aromatherapy treatments for hands, feet, back and face showing the truth in the power of quiet and the strength of gentle.

With Touch With Oils®, giving and receiving can become one as we meet in the deep quiet river that runs through all of us ... nothing short of grace. A sacred synergy is created that goes beyond what either touch or smell can do alone. They form a silent universal language of compassion and love.

Mission Statement

Touch With Oils® (TWO) is a ministry of compassion with reverent touch and sacred oils.

The TWO Ten Principles reveal the power of quiet and the strength of gentle.

Our TWO Circle of Compassion in Action is created while doing this work, and serves to improve the reverence for life in ourselves and others, while improving health and well-being in people around the world.

To Touch With Oils® is to:

Go in with Reverence…..Touch with Compassion…Come out with Reverence.

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